Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Sudden stop collisions – This occurs when a vehicle rear-ends a motorcycle rider from behind. This can cause the rider to be catapulted off their bike leading to severe injuries.
  • Collisions with cars and trucks – Anytime a vehicle collides with a motorcycle.
  • Single motorcycle accidents – Whether you’re an experienced or novice bike rider, you are susceptible to any form of accident. These accidents can happy anytime, anywhere and riders should be ready at all times in case an accident does occur.
  • Open door accidents – Many drivers do not keep an open eye out for motorcycle riders lane-splitting or riding normally through traffic. When a motorcycle rider lane-splits between vehicles, the chances of a random vehicle opening their door in the middle of the road and hitting you is a possibility. This type of accident can send the rider flying off the bike or worse, die from severe injuries.
  • Road rage and aggressive maneuvering – Often times road rage occurs because motorists grow impatient or because one wants to intimidate the other for petty reasons. This can occur when motorists try to intentionally block motorcycle riders from passing by.
  • Hazardous weather and highways – Rain, snow, sleet, hail, fires, oil slicks, potholes and debris on the road are all contributors to motorcycle accidents.

Some Safety Reminders

  • Stay vigilant at all times and always wear bright noticeable gear.
  • Don’t become overzealous with your motorcycle and start trying to do dangerous maneuvers in traffic.
  • When at a complete stop- make sure you are paying attention to approaching vehicles.
  • Do not cut off vehicles while in moving traffic. You may get clipped in the rear and spin out of control or worse

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