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Product liability cases involve when an item or product causes harm to a consumer, perhaps as a result of the manufacturer, designer, or distributer’s negligence. This negligence can include failure to fix any defects, as well as a lack of warnings or instructions on the product’s label. If this is the case, it is essential you don’t waste any time in enlisting the services of a Fresno product liability lawyer who will go above and beyond on your behalf, such as ours at BD&J, PC.

Injuries from Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are more common than you may believe. They indicate a select few of these products are harmful, such as in instances of contamination or improper installation of an item. This means the product itself is not dangerous if manufactured properly.

Injuries from Design Defects

Design defects, though not quite as common as manufacturing defects, often result in a larger impact of injury. This means the product is inherently destined to fail or harm users, and it is also slightly more complicated to determine who is at fault for this issue.

Some products, if used incorrectly, have the potential to be incredibly dangerous. This is why there is a responsibility on behalf of the company to provide consumers with proper warnings regarding the item in question. If there fails to be one, and an injury is incurred, you may have a claim for product liability.

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Our Fresno product liability lawyers of BD&J, PC are committed to one thing above all else: your satisfaction. We will work tirelessly to maximize your chances of success, stopping at nothing to fight for the rights and results you deserve. Our legal team understands how devastating it is to face an unexpected injury or accident due to no fault of your own--which is why you shouldn’t face this situation alone.

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