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Safety Tips for Driving Near Work Zones

Work zones can be some of the most dangerous parts of a road because there are more people, slower vehicles, and potential hazards in the street where you’re driving. It’s vital to stay as safe as possible should you ever drive through one of these work zones. Here are some tips to follow and share with your loved ones to avoid a serious injury.

Be Aware of Open Trenches

Many work zones have open trenches. One small mistake and you can encounter a severe crash. Your vehicle may fall into the open trench. Open trenches can also have workers within them, putting those individuals at risk too.

Follow Posted Speed Limits

Work zones often have a slower speed limit than the rest of the road. The idea is to keep drivers and workers safe at all times. If you drive through a work zone, be sure to slow down. It will protect you and the worker. However, if you are caught speeding in a work zone, the fine associated with the citation increases.

Expect the Unexpected

You cannot truly expect when someone or something will come out of the work zone. You may not recognize when a vehicle will stop to wait for workers to pass. And you may not notice debris on the road. As such, you should drive with the utmost care and be prepared for something you don’t expect to happen.

Watch for Lane Merges

You should anticipate that the work zone creates a lane merge. This means either you or the vehicles in the lane next to you will be merging together, and it’s vital for everyone to remain patient and give each other the right of way.

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