Get to Know Shawn McCann

My name is Shaw McCann. I’m a partner at BD&J. I’m married. I’m the proud father of four children. Throughout my career, I’ve had the fortunate experience of working up and trying many cases on behalf of catastrophically injured people and people who have lost a loved one. I love being a lawyer. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than when I can help someone that has been wronged, helping put their life back together, put closure on something that has happened to them, and then move on.

One case that comes to mind when I think about helping people is a little boy who is nine years old. His mother was killed in a trucking accident, and the trucking company blamed the mother. We showed that the mother couldn’t have seen the truck coming, but the truck had warning that the mother was coming down the roadway. The thing about that case was, the nine-year-old boy lost his mother, and at that time he was suffering from cancer, and she was working two jobs to pay for his treatment. I was really happy to help that family recover money for him to pay for treatment, and he eventually recovered from cancer.