Testimony from Attorney Kevin Danesh

I’m Kevin Ganesh. I’m one of the four partners at BD&J. We started this firm about 11 years ago…Three young guys at a law school, coming from different avenues of life, but all three of us have been friends for decades before that. We joined forces, brought everyone together with a common goal of trying to build a firm that’s...That some of the parts are greater than the individual pieces, and throughout the years, thank God, we’ve grown the firm from three partners to four partners, now 10 attorneys, and we’ve enjoyed a tremendous amount of success. Our success is because we started as underdogs, and we never ditched that rule. We fight as hard as we did ten years ago, the same passion and ferver that we do today.

One of the reasons I really encourage people to hire us or to hire an attorney to handle their case, is one story that I have of one of my favorite clients. This client got into a terrible accident, had life-changing injuries. And prior to retaining our firm, he met with an attorney that said, “I will promise you that I’m going to get you $500,000 for this case. Fortunately enough, he picked up the phone, he called us, we met with him, and on the spot I realized that this is not a $500,000 case. This is a multi-million dollar case. And at the end of the day, we got a verdict for many, many, many millions of dollars, 34 and a half to be exact. That’s why we urge you to give us a call, let us at least discuss your case, and not to think about the quick and easy money, but to think about your future.