Ignacia Archuleta

Rebecca Archuleta: I was at work, and I got a call from an employee that worked with me saying that my mom had been in a car accident.

Ignacia Archuleta: I was going home, and this great big truck got in front of me. He was coming from the east. I was coming from the north. Well, he proceeded to cross a lane, and I said, oh my God...He’s crossing the lane. He blocked both lanes, so I smashed into him. Glass shattered all over the place.

Rebecca Archuleta: She broke a lot of bones down her spine. Her legs had bruises on them, and cuts and scratches. About a month after the accident, I called Kevin, and he made an appointment with us Saturday to go down to the hospital where she’s at. She wasn’t able to walk. She wasn’t able to put her braces on. She wasn’t able to cook or clean or go to the restroom on her own.

Rebecca Archuleta: Kevin and his group said, “don’t worry about it. We’ll get a caregiver. She’ll sit three 24 hours to make sure your mom’s taken care of.” Her bills started coming in, and they would call them and let them know that they were handling the case. It was a comfort to me that I don’t really have to worry about that after Kevin told me, “Don’t worry about anything.” When you talk to all three of those lawyers, they really have a heart, even the girls in the office.

Ignacia Archuleta: They’re dedicated to their business, being lawyers. They’re kind, considerate, very prompt, and they do the best they can.