Max Jones

I was one of six cars on a rural road on West Lake, waiting for the light to change. F1 250 or 2500, kid in it, ran right through my BMW, crushed the back. My car was totaled...Four-door, yes, that turned into a two-door. Due to the accident, I had head trauma, I had neck injuries, I had back injuries, surgeries through the front, and I had knee surgery. I was blessed to have had the best doctors, and I was even blessed to have met these people here. I do not think of them as attorneys. I do think of them as my friend. But you know one thing I’ve noticed about them. They had my best interests at heart. When someone tells you and you’re in pain, “Don’t worry about anything else except for getting better. What I liked about them...I was a terror in the sense of pain level. And they managed that. To be able to understand what the client is going through and put yourself in that way, and just listen, and let me vent and rant. I felt like I was in good hands. I felt like I had some good friends. I felt like they cared about me, and I felt like they treated me with respect. They are not my attorneys. They happen to be my friends, who happen to be attorneys.