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Client Testimonials

  • Sean has had my back since day one! He has been there for me during these horrible times.

    After being attacked by a vicious dog, I was so scared because I was afraid that my leg would not heal. It’s been over a year and so much has happened. I had to leave my job and I feared for my health. I searched for many attorneys but finally found BD&J and the attorney Sean has had my back since day one! He has been there for me during these horrible times. Always giving me advances and just supporting me and my family. Slowly but surely, I’ve been able to heal but I am still going to treatment and recently had a procedure done and that has helped me so much. Feeling a lot better and just happy that things are better now. I would highly recommend the team and they speak Spanish and that has been very helpful. Definitely call and ask for help because they are here to help and to be there for you. Just like they’ve been here for me. Thank you, Sean, Hazel for always being there for me.

    - Alicia Jimenez   Fresno, CA
  • Your genuine love, caring and support made it possible for us to continue to live our lives.

    On June 17, 2007, my children and I were involved in a horrific and life-changing accident when I was driving a vehicle behind a commercial transport tractor-trailer carrying a load of wooden beams. When the tractor-trailer lost its load of wooden beams, I naturally made an instinctive attempt to avoid hitting the beams and while doing so swerved my vehicle. My vehicle then went out of control and “rolled” multiple times ejecting my three children from the vehicle. Never in my life did I ever imagine that, in a matter of seconds, all four of us were close to losing our lives. The injuries that we each suffered were not only traumatic but life-threatening. While I was hospitalized for two weeks, my children were hospitalized for up to one month. As a parent, I cannot express the overwhelming feeling of mental and emotional devastation and a complete sense of helplessness as I watched my children suffer in pain. At that point in my life, I needed the best advocate for my family who could handle the legal affairs in our time of need, so that I could be there for my children. Sean Banafsheh of Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid was highly recommended to us, and Mr. Banafsheh immediately took over the legal aspect of our case while allowing me and my family to start our healing process, in the physical, emotional, and mental senses. I suffered a separated acromioclavicular joint in the left shoulder, left scapula fracture, and cornea ulcer and was hospitalized for two weeks. My oldest child suffered an L-5 burst fracture and wedge fracture of the T-12 requiring repair and titanium cage, a right ankle fracture, right elbow avulsion fracture, teeth damage, and a torn meniscus and was hospitalized for 1 month. My middle child suffered a right arm amputation and subarachnoid hematoma. My youngest child suffered a fractured pelvis, right mid-shaft humerus fracture, liver laceration, and scarring. Mr. Banafsheh was involved in our lives every day for nearly three years, extending his heartfelt compassion, counseling, and unconditional guidance to our family. Mr. Banafsheh addressed not only our legal affairs efficiently and effectively, but also our personal needs. He went over and beyond his duties as a lawyer. He became like a member of our family. Not only was this an amazing gesture extended by Mr. Banafsheh, but exemplified qualities in an attorney that I have never known before. As I mentioned, Mr. Banafsheh became a part of our family and to this date, we are still very close. We as a family would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Banafsheh to anyone who is involved in a serious and life-altering accident, like the one I and my family were involved in. I really could never say enough to express my gratitude for all your help. You truly did go above and beyond and we will love you always for this. Your genuine love, caring and support made it possible for us to continue to live our lives.

    - Yolanda B.
  • ¡Sean me ha apoyado desde el primer día! Ha estado ahí para mí durante estos tiempos horribles.

    Después de ser atacado por un perro feroz, estaba tan asustado porque tenía miedo de que mi pierna no sanara. Ha pasado más de un año y han pasado muchas cosas. Tuve que dejar mi trabajo y temí por mi salud. Busqué muchos abogados, pero finalmente encontré a BD&J y ¡el abogado Sean me ha respaldado desde el primer día! Ha estado ahí para mí durante estos tiempos horribles. Siempre dándome avances y apoyándome a mí y a mi familia. Lento pero seguro, he podido curarme, pero todavía estoy en tratamiento y recientemente me hicieron un procedimiento y eso me ha ayudado mucho. Me siento mucho mejor y feliz de que las cosas estén mejor ahora. Recomendaría mucho al equipo y hablan español y eso ha sido de gran ayuda. Definitivamente llame y pida ayuda porque ellos están aquí para ayudar y para estar ahí para usted. Al igual que ellos han estado aquí para mí. Gracias Sean, Hazel por estar siempre ahí para mí.

    - Cliente   Categories: espanol
  • They’ve provided the best service and results that I could ever wish for.

    At BD&J, they treat me like family. They’ve attended to every aspect of my case so I can focus on recovering and getting back to my acting. I can reach my attorney, Kevin Danesh, any time of day and they have been fighting for me non-stop. They’ve provided the best service and results that I could ever wish for. Thank you.

    - Vail B.
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better representative for my case!

    I first met Sean Banafsheh shortly after I got out of the military. I had gotten into a very serious motorcycle accident and my health insurance provided by the government just expired. I had never used a lawyer before but was now in desperate need of one since my girlfriend and I had been hit by a car while on my motorcycle. We both were hospitalized for a week and I needed multiple surgeries from several doctors on my arm and leg. Having been an officer in a U.S. Naval Special Forces unit for 8 years, I was used to working with motivated, hard-working, relentless guys I could trust, who always looked out for my best interest. I was now looking for those qualities in a lawyer. Doctor, hospital and rehabilitation bills were starting to add up well into six figures and I had no idea how to deal with something like this. Sean never once made me feel worried. From the day I met him in his office he made me feel at ease, answered ANY question I had, and always made time to see me. Occasionally, I would inquire as to why we were going about things in a particular way. His answers always reflected it being the moral and ethical thing to do. I was very impressed by that. So many people go the easy route. Sean Banafsheh always acted like a professional and contradictory to the stereotype that lawyers have been given. In the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better representative. He settled my case and I was very happy with the results of his hard work. I have recommended Sean Banafsheh to other people I know and will continue to recommend him and his firm to EVERYONE in need of a lawyer. He will always be mine.

    - Lt. Geoff Reeves
  • Thank you very much for all your hard work and your dedication!

    Dear Sean, I just wanted to take a few moments out of my day to stop and thank you for all that you’ve done for my family. On November 18, 2007, my family’s lives were changed forever. We, my two sons and I were parked in the emergency lane on the 57 northbound. The next thing I remember is being told that we were hit by another car. This was on Wednesday; though I was awake there was no memory of anything but being in the emergency lane. I was told about the accident and I was learning about all the injuries that my family had. Cosmin who was three at the time had a bruise and a scratch. But he was also having bad dreams. Christopher who was 17 at the time had two breaks in one femur, a break in the other femur, a broken finger bone, problems with his back, and bruises. I had two collapsed lungs, ten fractured ribs, a compressed disc fracture, a fractured collar bone, lots of big and painful bruises, and loss of memory. I was at UCI Hospital until November 23, 2007, then moved to Kaiser Fontana. There I was told that my family needed legal help and that when you came into our lives. You helped us more than you’ll ever know. Every time we spoke you were always very kind even when I was short with you. You made me understand the importance of everything you were doing even when I didn’t think it was. I am truly thankful you came into our lives. Of course, it would’ve been better if it was for another reason. But that’s how it happened. You are a very caring and passionate professional and I truly believe you care about all your clients. Not just as clients but as people too. Thank you very much for all your hard work and your dedication. Because of you our lives are better.

    - Cheryl P.
  • The staff treated me with respect, empathy and compassion.

    I came to BD&J after being involved in an accident last summer in July 2009 I broke my left wrist. The staff treated me with respect, empathy, and compassion. I feel very lucky to have met Sean who was more than helpful in getting the most money he could for me. He had patience and tolerance and such a warm heart that I had never came across because of my disability. Sean also gave me an itemized breakdown showing me where all the money for the settlement went that I was not expecting. It was helpful to me and gave me more understanding and made me feel more comfortable. I am a cancer survivor of melanoma, the firm made my life easier during the time I had to deal with cancer and chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis. I feel very lucky and honored to be chosen to represent the firm. I would recommend them without hesitation 100%. I will remember Sean fondly and sincerely.

    - Cindy W.
  • From the moment that I met Sean and Kevin, I knew I was in good hands.

    I would like very much to thank Kevin Danesh and Sean Banafsheh and the entire staff at BDJ for the remarkable job they did on my case. The worst experience of my life was the day that I almost lost my life. I was standing on the sidewalk near the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive. As the bus was approaching I lost my footing, fell into the street, and the entire right side of my body was run over by the bus. My entire life flashed before my eyes. I was absolutely devastated when I was told that my right leg had to be amputated. Having no family in California and no one to turn to, I felt scared, lost, and helpless. But then I met the Law Offices of BD&J. This was truly my saving grace. From the moment that I met Sean and Kevin, I knew I was in good hands. When they spoke to me, I could feel the compassion they shared for me, and from the moment they told me that everything was going to be okay an indescribable sense of security came over me. I knew that as long as they were by my side I was going to get through this. And I was right. Sean, Kevin, Raphael, and the entire staff at BD&J treated me like family every step of the way. This literally saved my life. My right leg was completely amputated and I will forever be confined to a wheelchair. It’s definitely sad but at the same time, I gained a family that I know I can count on for the rest of my life. Sean and Kevin, thank you for being my guardian angels. It was your love and support that saw me through this difficult time. Sean, Kevin, and the entire staff at BD&J as well as Geoff Wells Green from Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. Thank you for all your hard work and for saving my life. I hope God blesses you and your staff and you have a great life helping others as you helped me.

    - Karen S.
  • I was struck with your commitment to your clients’ best interests, particularly in connection with your urging structures.

    Sean – I’m pleased to comment on our relationship in the breeding case in which I represented Sierra Rental and Transport and its owners and operators. While we both had the obligation to do the utmost for our clients, that didn’t preclude reasonableness. You understood that I needed information on the injuries and damages and the time to have it independently evaluated. When time constraints were a problem, we were able to work together on a resolution. Issues upon which there was no, or little, question weren’t contested. And issues that would have had to be contested were set aside temporarily and ultimately, due to the settlement, didn’t have to be contested resulting in savings to both sides. We settled for amounts our clients could live with without going through what would have been an extensive, and expensive, discovery. I was struck by your commitment to your clients’ best interests, particularly in connection with your urging structures. And you were always a man of your word. Good luck with your practice.

    - Carey J.
  • I am happy to say that Kevin Danesh is my personal and my family’s attorney for life.

    I was employed with the city of California as a school crossing guard. While I was on my way to work I was hit by a car. I was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg, shoulder, and several fractured ribs. I was hospitalized for a month. My family hired Kevin Danesh to represent me in my personal injury lawsuit. Mr. Danesh is a very fine professional, highly knowledgeable, and capable. Mr. Danesh is thorough, articulate, zealous, and very persistent. But not only that, Kevin Danesh was a strong advocate for my family from the beginning of this journey to the end. I am happy to say that Kevin Danesh is my personal and my family’s attorney for life.

    - Tyson Jerl C.