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At BD&J, we are proud to be the trusted co-counsel for many other law firms throughout California and the country. If your law firm is helping a client in a state outside of your practice abilities, you can use our co-counsel to complete casework and litigation there. If your legal team is not comfortably familiar with the details for a high-stakes case you simply cannot jeopardize by guessing, our law firm can provide the missing knowledge and know-how through collaboration. The opposite scenarios may also be true, in which we need your insight or practice in another state. This is the greatness of referrals and co-counsel — empowering law firms through cooperation that ultimately benefits all of our clients as well.

The benefits of using a referral to form a co-counsel with BD&J include:

  • We pay up to 50% of referral fees to encourage even more referrals and opportunities.
  • We can be retained as co-counsel during any point of your case.
  • We are capable of helping with initial investigations and casework.
  • Have a third-party employment or workers’ compensation case? You keep the employment or workers’ compensation case while we work the personal injury case.

Do not forget that co-counsels and referrals are good for your law firm’s finances as well. By teaming up with other legal professionals, you can manage more cases than you could on your own. Even though the attorney fees will be split, you will still be getting a healthy fair share based upon your work and input.

Want to know more about our co-counsel opportunities and professional referrals? Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (855) 906-3699.

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