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Tobacco Wrongful Death Attorneys in California

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In recent years, more and more courts are hearing wrongful death claims filed against large tobacco companies. It has long been known that smoking causes cancer, lung disease, and a variety of other severe and often-permanent health issues that can lead to premature death. A tobacco wrongful death lawsuit seeks fair compensation from a tobacco company that willingly sold its dangerous products without enough warning, or intentionally marketed cigarettes to a certain class or group of people.

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Proving Tobacco Company Liability in Your Case

Big tobacco companies are notorious for trying to skirt responsibility for the dangers and addictive nature of their products. For decades, cigarette marketers and manufacturers have adamantly denied that there is anything wrong with smoking, even in the face of irrefutable scientific evidence that says otherwise. When you file your tobacco wrongful death lawsuit, you must expect that there will be a wall of resistance between you and your fair compensation. Allow our Los Angeles tobacco wrongful death lawyers to be the team that helps you scale that wall and find success in your claim.

Evidence that can help bolster your claim may include:

  • Medical records: Using the medical records of the decedent, we may be able to prove that the fatal health conditions were caused directly by smoking and tobacco use, not any other illnesses or complications.
  • Advertisements: Tobacco companies have had a tumultuous history of controversial advertisements. Your wrongful death claim might be improved by collecting ads from the targeted company that was prominent during the decedent’s lifetime.
  • Similar cases: The more people win cases against tobacco companies, the more likely the next person will also win. We can analyze similar successful cases and argue that the same circumstances that resulted in a plaintiff win exist in your case as well.

Compensation You May Be Able to Collect

Some of the damages in a wrongful death claim are somewhat dissimilar to the damages in most other personal injury claims. You should be able to cite real damages related to the medical expenses of the decedent, including their final hospitalization bills. Additionally, you can seek compensation to help pay for funeral and burial costs, emotional suffering of both yourself and the decedent due to the illness, and your own loss of consortium after the decedent’s passing. While exploring your compensation possibilities, our Los Angeles tobacco wrongful death attorneys will always act with compassion and carefulness. The last thing we want to do is further upset our clients in such a difficult time.

Hold Big Tobacco Accountable for Wrongdoing

There is no company — no matter how sizeable — that is above liability laws. Tobacco companies need to be held responsible for encouraging so many people to harm their bodies through the use of their products.

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