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10 Ways to Stay Entertained During a Long Hospital Stay

A long hospital stay may be necessary after a serious accident, but it’s perfectly normal for even the most patient person to become bored or restless after a few days. Staying entertained while on bed rest is a constant battle, and in many cases a simple television in the room doesn’t do enough. Want to break up the monotony? Here are ten things you can do to pass the time, entertain yourself, and possibly even put a smile on someone else’s face while you’re stuck in a hospital bed.

1. Bring a good book. Have a book you’ve been trying to get through for a while but never had the time to sit down and dig into it? You’ve got a lot of time on your hands now. Finish it off, and if you enjoy it, have someone bring you another! Being ill or injured and in the hospital is a great time to further your education through reading.

2. Write a story. Have you ever wanted to try getting into creative writing? What about wanted to discuss a topic you’ve become well-versed in and wanted to share your knowledge about? What if you’ve lived an interesting life and want to share your experiences? Now’s a great time to start putting words to paper and leaving a legacy.

3. Make a new friend. You’d be surprised at how friendly hospital staff members are. Their job is extremely stressful and in many cases they don’t have much of an opportunity to get to know their patients personally. Having a simple, friendly conversation with your nurse can brighten both their day and yours.

4. Watch a movie. Our busy lives don’t often give us a lot of time to stay up to date on the latest films that are in theaters. Have a film that you wanted to see but missed on its initial release? Bring in a DVD or find it on your preferred streaming service and see if it’s as good as everyone says it was. This is also a great time to binge-watch that TV show your co-worker won’t stop raving about.

5. Pick up a hobby. Have you ever learned to knit or crochet? What finally learning how to draw? What about building things like model airplanes or cars? If you’re in bed for a while, picking up a hobby can help you stay entertained and give you something to be passionate about while you’re stuck without much else to do. It can also help you pick up some new skills.

6. Play some games. Board games are a great pastime for those stuck in hospital beds. They keep your mind sharp, your attention engaged, and can help the hours of your recovery fly by. Even if you don’t’ have visitors, there are lots of co-operative games on the market where players work together against the game itself; many of which can easily be played on your own.

7. Play video games. Are you an avid gamer? Bringing in your gaming console or a laptop computer to enjoy some gaming will help the time slip by quickly. For some people, this may be a great way to stay connected with friends and the outside world while stuck in a hospital bed.

8. Take a stroll. If you can, nurses and doctors will often encourage to you to get out of bed and take a stroll down the hallway. This keeps your legs and other muscles from suffering from too much atrophy due to lack of use. It’s also a good way to learn your surroundings and get to know more of the hospital staff who are helping you.

9. Start a diary or blog. If you’ve been struggling under stress or emotional burden and want to find a place to release, a blog or diary is a great way to do so. This gives you an avenue to vent and put your thoughts on paper in order to either share them with the outside world or look back on them at a later date to see how you have grown or progressed.

10. Do a puzzle. Puzzles can keep people entertained for hours or even days at a time. Figuring out how to put the hundreds of pieces into the right order to create the final picture can be an extremely complex task, requiring a keen eye for details and a lot of patience. When you have time on your hands, it’s easy to overcome one of these challenges.

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