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Posted in Catastrophic Injury, Construction Accidents, Personal Injury on November 6, 2019

Whether the equipment is used to lift workers, transport supplies, demolish structures, or dig, most of these commonplace construction machines can be hazardous under the right circumstances. Construction equipment needs to be quite dense and large to support some of the larger materials and tools used on construction sites, and with that large size often…

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Posted in Construction Accidents on October 19, 2019

Safety on a construction site is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re working with cranes, scaffolding, heavy equipment, or other dangerous tools. In some cases, construction accidents occur because of equipment failures, natural disasters, mechanical problems, and other issues that are, by and large, out of the construction crew’s hands. However, in most cases, it’s a…

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Posted in Catastrophic Injury, Construction Accidents, Personal Injury on August 5, 2019

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous and often result in severe, fatal accidents. These workplaces are riddled with large machinery, complex tools, heavy materials, and other dangerous supplies that can break, malfunction, fall, tip, or catch fire. When an accident like this takes place, workers and passersby are sure to be injured as a result. One…

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