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How Insurance Companies Minimize Claims

Insurance companies put billions of dollars into advertising each year. They want more policyholders, but when it comes time to provide claimants with compensation, they are far less likely to shell out money. Even worse, they often use unscrupulous tactics to take advantage of some claimants to minimize or deny their claims entirely.

If you intend on pursuing compensation for your injuries, you should know the most effective ways to protect your rights. In this blog, we will explain ways that insurance companies minimize claims so that you know what to expect throughout the process.

Pre-Existing Injuries

Insurance adjusters will look at your claim and determine whether your pre-existing injuries can impact how much you may recover. In some situations, insurance adjusters may try to say that you are claiming an injury that you already had and that it wasn’t a result of the crash.

Proof Of Fault

Some insurance adjusters will go to great lengths to prove that you were at fault or had some level of liability in the crash. If they can limit the liability of their policyholder, they can effectively reduce the amount they try to pay you.

Recorded Statements

Insurance companies look at everything they say, asking you questions even if they know the answer. A recorded statement is just one way for insurance companies to analyze your statements and determine where they can limit how much they pay you.

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