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Can Car Accidents Cause PTSD?

We’ve all had a near-accident scare when we look up and see the car in front of us braking too quickly, sending us into a panic as we swerve to avoid a crash. In the heart-pounding moments after an almost-accident, we try to calm down and put the moment behind us–still, the adrenaline and fear stay with us for long after. For those who didn’t have the chance to swerve and were involved in a car accident, moving on from this experience can be one of the most mentally challenging things to endure.

Car accidents tend to be high-impact and high-speed, and the sheer memory of screeching tires or honking horns can be enough to send you into an anxious state. Feeling a wave of emotions which seem out of control and overwhelming can completely incapacitate your ability to carry on a normal quality of life. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is widely known as an anxiety condition which occurs when someone suffers a traumatic or frightening experience. Common manifestations of PTSD include repeated flashbacks of the event, feelings of depression, nightmares, fear or crowded places or loud noises, paranoia, inability to focus, etc.

Psychological injuries are often undercut for the magnitude of their significance, though they are gaining traction in the legal context. While traditional compensation following an accident is focused on physical injuries or damages, less tangible but just as significant concerns are being addressed at the forefront–including pain and suffering or mental anguish.

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