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Can You Sue Your Security Company for Inadequate Protection?

At BD&J, many of our clients are affluent residents of Beverly Hills, famous faces from Hollywood, and socialites in Los Angeles who rely on personal security personnel to protect themselves and their properties. There is certainly something to be said about the peace of mind that private security can provide. But what happens when the security that you bought fails to protect you from harm? Do you demand a refund, or should you think about filing a lawsuit against the security company for negligence?

Two Reasons to Sue Your Security Company

If you are assaulted on your own property or otherwise injured by someone else, then you might have two valid reasons to consider filing a claim against the private security company you contracted to protect you. Firstly, you could consider a negligent security lawsuit, which is a type of premises liability claim. We will get into the details of negligent security in just a moment.

Secondly, you might be able to claim that the security company breached your contract. When you hired them to protect you in exchange for payments, you undoubtedly signed a contract that explained how that would be done. The trouble with trying to sue a private security company on the grounds of a contract violation is that it can drag your case into business law and litigation, which is notorious for complications and gray areas, especially regarding contracts. You would likely have better chances trying to prove that the hired security personnel or parent company acted unreasonably negligent, increasing their liability for your damages.

How Can a Security Company Act Negligently?

What did your security company do that was unreasonably negligent?

  • Poor hiring practices: One of the greatest faults a security company can make is to be too relaxed during the hiring process. Anyone who is hired to be a private security guard for a client’s home or business needs to be a trustworthy individual who can handle themselves in dangerous situations. Criminal background checks are a must in this industry. A thorough review of an applicant’s job history is also in order. If an applicant has worked in security before and was fired for failing to protect a client, then they probably should not be hired by another security company.
  • Inadequate employee training: Realistically, most people who apply for a security job will have never proven themselves in a dangerous situation. If a security company hires someone who might not be fit for the job, then it is their express responsibility to train that person until they are. Adequate security training is not a one-time situation, either. Security companies should take the time to provide employees with frequent retraining to ensure that their staff is still up to the challenges of the job.
  • Insufficient employee supervision: Furthermore, security companies need to continually supervise their employees. Supervision does not mean literally watching staff members at all times. It can be something as simple as conducting routine check-ins with staff and clients alike to review how well the job is being handled. A security company that rarely or never conducts follow-ups with its employees could be liable for an employee’s on-the-job failings.
  • Inaction: In many negligent security claims, involved security personnel are trained, supervised, and trustworthy. However, during a tense moment when a criminal offender is present and looking to cause harm, some security guards will freeze up and take no action to intervene. If your injuries could have been prevented had a security staff member taken any reasonable action, then you probably have a strong claim against the security company.

Let Us Manage Your Negligent Security Claim

Were you depending on a security company or private security to protect you and your home but were injured or burglarized all the same? Whether or not the criminal offender can be identified, you should consider how to hold the security company accountable for allowing your injuries in the first place. Contact BD&J in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles today to learn how to start your claim.