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Hit and Run Accident: What to Do!

  • 1. If you are driving, pull over and turn on your emergency lights.
  • 2. Grab a pen and paper or your phone and write down as many details as you can remember. Or even try to get a photo of the other drivers license plate if they are still in view.
  • 3. Call 911.
  • 4. While waiting for the police, look for witnesses. Ask them to stay until the police come If they can’t, get their contact information.
    1. 1. Witness #1: Name/Phone/Email
    2. 2. Witness #2: Name/Phone/Email
    3. 3. Etc…
  • 5. Begin taking photos of:
    1. 1. Your car at different angles
    2. 2. Take photos of your car relative to the street
    3. 3. Any pieces of your vehicle or the other vehicle that may have fallen on the road
  • 6. Make a quick diagram of the accident site:
    1. 1. Streets, traffic signs, obstacles in the road
    2. 2. All directions of travel for cars and lane directions
    3. 3. Where the vehicle occupants were seated
  • 7. Once the police have finished taking your statement and photos of the scene, call a tow truck if your car is inoperable.
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