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Recognizing Signs of Negligence On the Road

As a driver, safety should be your top priority. Unfortunately, you cannot always predict what other drivers will do and how they may cause a severe crash. What you can do is recognize some of the most common signs of negligence on the road. Once you recognize reckless behavior, you can learn to avoid those drivers and potentially prevent a crash.


Drivers who are distracted or intoxicated may swerve from their lane into other lanes or oncoming traffic. Similarly, a fatigued driver may swerve and only re-enter their lane after they hit the rumble strip. If you see a person swerving, make sure to avoid passing them. Instead, stay behind the potentially negligent driver and report them to local authorities.


Speeding doesn’t always mean the driver is intoxicated or distracted. In fact, it could just mean the driver is reckless. Speeding is one of the leading causes of severe accidents. The force of a speeding vehicle can lead to catastrophic damage.

Erratic Braking

Some negligent drivers may brake even when there’s no other vehicle in front of them. Their erratic braking can cause drivers behind the negligent party to crash because they are not prepared for the driver in front of them to brake.

Driving Without Lights On at Night

Intoxicated drivers may not realize that their headlights are off when they start to drive at night. This reduces the negligent driver’s visibility and makes it more difficult for other drivers to see the vehicle. It may seem simple, but it can cause a serious problem.

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