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Should I Accept the First Settlement?

During the process of filing a claim, you may get a settlement offer from an insurance adjuster. For someone who needs money following a severe injury in a car accident, you may feel that it’s a good idea to accept the settlement and put the situation behind you.

Unfortunately, the first settlement is hardly what you think it should be. Insurance companies know that you are in a vulnerable situation. They want the first settlement offer to be enough for you that you’ll put everything behind you. This settlement offer does not consider your needs, and it takes advantage of your rights.

Why Is the First Settlement Often Lower Than It Should Be?

Insurance companies know that you have a lot to deal with after a car accident. You have medical needs, may be unable to work, and have to get your vehicle fixed. As such, they’ll offer you a settlement that they deem to be fair. However, it may only be a fair amount to the insurance company as they try to save money.

The insurance company hopes that you are in a vulnerable enough position so that you will accept whatever they offer. If they can get you to accept their settlement offer, they protect their profits and avoid any further legal action from you as a claimant.

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer?

Before you accept anything, you should be sure to speak with a lawyer. An attorney can look at every aspect of your settlement and determine what options you have. If the settlement doesn’t cover your losses, an attorney can help you understand what options you have to pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

If you suffer a severe injury in a car accident, you deserve to have someone on your side who can help you moving forward. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers at BD&J, PC will work to safeguard your rights and pursue the maximum compensation available to you. Trust that we’re here to help you every step of the way.