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Should I Speak with An Insurance Adjuster Alone?

Dealing with insurance adjusters can be difficult. You need compensation for your damages, lost wages, and medical expenses, but insurance adjusters are quick to minimize claims. Unfortunately, these trained professionals prioritize profits over anything else, so it helps to work with a lawyer to protect your rights.

One mistake you need to avoid is speaking with insurance adjusters alone. It’s hard to safeguard your claim if insurance adjusters are putting in every effort to use your statements against you. Here are some reasons to get a lawyer on your side before speaking with insurance adjusters.

Insurance Companies May Use Tactics to Take Advantage of Your Rights

Insurance adjusters have tactics that they have developed over the years to put their companies’ profits over claimants. For instance, they may record your statement, only to use that statement against you. They’ll tell you that you don’t need to have a lawyer for the process; that it’s simple enough to handle on your own.

However, insurance adjusters often only act friendly. Insurance companies hire these professionals to save money — not lose it. If insurance adjusters see you are in a vulnerable state, they’re quick to use anything they can against you that minimizes how much you receive or completely deny your claim.

A Lawyer Helps You Combat These Tactics

Before you take any steps on your own, know that hiring a lawyer is one of the most effective ways to get through the process. Hire a lawyer who has handled just as many or more car accident claims than the insurance adjusters you go up against during the process. Working with skilled legal counsel helps you take on insurance adjusters, keeping them honest every step of the way.

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