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Vital Equipment for Motorcycle Safety

While riding a motorcycle, riders should always be wearing the proper equipment and gear for maximum safety. We encourage every rider to review the following information and ride with safety in mind!

Wear a Helmet!

This is by far the most important safety accessory. In fact, California Vehicle Code requires all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear a helmet when on a motorcycle, motorized bicycle or motor driven cycle. Important safety features of helmets to consider are:

  • Hard outer shell to protect against shock on impact
  • Vents to keep from getting hot
  • Comfort liner, which ensures a secure fit to your head

Proper Footwear is Key

Proper footwear protects you from debris and parts of the motorcycle that get hot, such as the exhaust. Look for shoes with good soles for gripping both the motorcycle and the pavement.

Put on Protective Clothing

Materials like leather, Kevlar, and ballistic nylon are the most durable materials to protect riders from the elements, as well as from serious wounds in the event of an accident. Motorcycle gear should be slightly bigger than your normal clothing so that it is not too confining or too loose.

Gloves = Good Grip

Gloves help you sustain a good grip; they also protect you from injury in the event of a crash. Even though they may be uncomfortable during the hotter months, but protecting your hands is essential to long-term comfort. 

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