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Which Occupations Have the Most Workplace Deaths?

Anyone can be injured on the job, but, by nature, some occupations are more hazardous than others. Have you ever wondered which occupations are considered the most deadly? According to the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 10 jobs harbor the most fatalities, and not all of them are what you would expect. We know that construction work is notoriously dangerous, but there are several other, lesser-known professions that even more deadly.

The ten deadliest occupations in the United States, as of 2016, are:

  1. Logging workers
  2. Fishers
  3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
  4. Roofers
  5. Trash collectors
  6. Iron and steelworkers
  7. Truck and sales drivers
  8. Farmers and ranchers
  9. First-line supervisors of construction trades
  10. Ground maintenance workers

The year this census was conducted, 2016, a total of 5,190 civilians died at work in the United States, not including minor or military workers. In other words, about 3.6 workers have died per 100,000 workers, which is a 5% increase from 2015. However, percentages notwithstanding, most workers fatally harmed on the job were killed in transportation accidents. In fact, 40% of all workplace fatalities were caused by transportation accidents, which include truck drivers, farmers, groundskeepers, and more.

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