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At BD&J law firm, we handle many types of personal injury accident lawsuits and claims for our clients. Each accident results various levels of injury and harm to the individual or individuals involved. Ranging from moderate to serious, and temporary to permanent and debilitating, our clients have been through it all. Alongside them, our attorneys are on their team making decisions to help our client’s claim reach fruition and be successful in terms of monetary settlement and any recovery from the at-fault party. 

Our attorneys are trained and thorough in in their investigations, collection of information, witnesses and facts, litigation, strategy and complex negotiations. For cases with difficult to prove liability, we too have the right people for these legal claims as well. From car and trucking accidents, to slip and falls and other premises liability claims, dog bite attacks, construction injuries with negligence, defective product designs, BD&J can fight for you in the courtroom and beyond.

Aside from having years of experience in this area of the law, personal injury cases often times require experts in other fields. Our team is well equipped to bring in the proper witnesses, experts and all other individuals who can fortify your case against the defendant and often times, their insurance company. Your selection of your attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your legal claim.

BD&J lawyers provide dedicated legal representation to clients throughout California including Alameda County. From the early stages of a claim to a lawsuit, to litigation, our litigators are aggressive, sharp and focused on the prize on our client’s behalf. 

We have overseen and handled numerous cases involving serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, fractures, open wounds, burns, paralysis and more. The proper handling of medical treatments for these types of cases is also essential. With our team’s help, your case manager will guide you along the path of obtaining the right course of treatment to mitigate any future pain or suffering. This combined with our legal expertise can advance your cause and your case legally and successfully.

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