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Personal Injury Attorneys Can Win Your Legal Case in Kern County

Kern County residents in California can rely on BD&J lawyers to manage their personal injury accidents and help obtain proper medical treatment for their injuries as a result of that accident. It is estimated that serious car accidents happen on California roads approximately 200,000 to 250,000 times per year. This does not include minor accidents with no injuries. It then follows that accidents involving cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, trucks and other commercial vehicles do occur and do unfortunately result first and foremost in significant physical harm and injury, to both the drivers and the passengers of their vehicles.

BD&J attorneys are specialists in personal injury claims stemming from car, truck and other auto accidents and can timely and properly manage your case without letting the statute of limitations run or expire. Our team is extraordinarily capable, efficient, determined and dedicated to helping your case succeed at the highest capacity, whether through negotiations, medical care treatment and working with your providers, and settlement discussions with the third-party’s insurance company. If you were a driver or passenger in a vehicle involved in a crash or car accident in Kern County, contact our team of injury lawyers to discuss your case. We will gather information based on the facts you share with us and attempt to collect any police reports, witness information and anything else that is beneficial to your case.

Aside from automobile accident injuries, we also handle and work on other accident claims such as slip and fall accidents that would lead to a premises liability claim or cause of action against the property owner. Dog bite attacks are also more prevalent, leading to devastating and painful injuries for our clients. Product defect cases are also typical in industrial work and factories, where a product malfunctions or was improperly designed to prevent an injury, a personal injury claim can be made on your behalf.

Product liability and product defect instances can arise from a manufacturing defect, a missing part, an unwanted result when the product is used properly. Namely, a product defect is any quality that hinders its use for the purpose of which it was designed and manufactured. Product defect cases are prominently fixated on product safety or the unsafe nature that causes injury and harm. In a legal context, there are three types of product defects: 1) design defects, 2) manufacturing defects, and 3) labeling defects. In egregious cases and circumstances, a product defect claim can also lead to a wrongful death cause of action if the injury led to the death of a victim. This can happen in defective child and infant products such as devices that a child is supposed to sleep safely in but somehow suffocates as a result of the use of the product.

Our personal injury lawyers can help present your case and make your claim strong when going up against the liable third-party’s insurance company. Contact our law firm today to get the process started.


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