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At BD&J Los  Angeles, our team of personal injury lawyers handle a wide variety of accident claims and cases including premises liability, dog bite attacks, car and other vehicular accidents, product defect, construction accident cases and more. We offer our legal services to a wide array of circumstances no matter how dire the situation may seem. It is better for your claim’s success to consult with an attorney sooner than later for a host of reasons including preservation of evidence, consulting with witnesses, gathering of information with our legal team, and obtaining proper medical treatment. Another important consideration is the statute of limitations pertaining to your legal claim. After the statute expires, the time is up to pursue your legal claim in court, with limited exceptions.

In California, the steps to be successful on a negligence claim regarding the majority of accidents is as follows:

The Plaintiff or injured party must show and prove:

  1. a duty existed 
  2. a breach of that duty occurred, 
  3. the breach of the duty owed to plaintiff was the 
  4. direct cause of injuries and harm sustained.

The standard for recklessness is a bit different. In California, if a person commits an act or fails to act, and such action has a high probability of causing harm and knowingly disregards that risk, a defendant can be shown to have been reckless. Recklessness is a higher culpability than negligence and may require more proof or evidence of such. For example, a person who drinks and drives under the influence, can be said to be reckless by knowingly getting behind the wheel and driving and disregarding the risk that poses to other’s health, safety and well being.

The types of accident and number of people injured can vary from driver to passengers and include trucks accidents, motorcycle accidents, UBER or LYFT accidents and other ridesharing accidents. Pedestrian accidents also do occur and can result in more serious injuries and at other times in tragedy leading to a wrongful death lawsuit claim. Accidents with commercial vehicles are cases our litigation attorneys and team specialize in. With our legal expertise, we are able to recover significant monetary awards for our clients who face not only property damage, but also injury to their body as well as other trauma that can result. While our injured clients receive proper medical treatment and care to recover from their injuries in connection with the accident, we collect evidence and build our client’s case, against the at-fault party and their insurance company.

The types of injuries in connection with car accident, premises liability, truck accident, product liability or defect, and wrongful death claims or causes of action include: catastrophic injuries, spine injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and neck injuries. 

More commonly, in accidents with less severity we may see the following injuries:

  • cuts and lacerations
  • deep wounds
  • deep bruising
  • broken or fractured bones
  • sprains to the neck and back often associated with whiplash or falls
  • burn injury
  • back pain and injury

Our Los Angeles personal injury law firm, BD&J, believes in handling everything for our clients from the moments after an accident, all the way up until case settlement and completion with a monetary recovery as well as assistance and oversight into medical treatments and proper medical care. We do this to ensure the mental ease of our clients while they are on the road to recovery.

Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

It is important to notify and retain counsel almost immediately as there exists various legal limitations also known as the statute of limitations depending on the type of accident or injury you sustained. The time typically begins to run from the date of the incident. For example, in legal claims against a government agency the time to file a claim or lawsuit is usually capped to 6 months from the date of the incident, absent exceptional circumstances. For personal injury claims arising from car accidents or vehicular accidents, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the incident. This statute also applies to passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists and is not limited to car accidents.

Trust BD&J’s Legal Experience & Wins in the Courtroom

It is very critical to retain competent legal counsel who has the years of experience in and out of the courtroom to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your legal claim. Contact our law offices to see if your case and claims can be made successful with our expertise. We have collected significant sums of money for our injured clients to repair and recover from their personal injury accident. This also applies to spouses of injured individuals where the loss and harm is significant, and includes lost wages, lost income, loss of consortium. BD&J is the leading Los Angeles personal injury law firm with the brightest legal minds that can deliver for you on your behalf.