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San Diego County Personal Injury Attorney

At BD&J, our car accident personal injury lawyers are available to assist you in your legal claim, whether you were the driver or a passenger in the vehicle. In addition, we provide legal representation to injured parties of car accidents in San Diego, whether it involves a motorcycle, truck, commercial entity like Lyft or Uber. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and other individuals who may suffer harm as a result of another’s negligence on the road can also retain legal counsel to obtain payments for their medical treatments and any bodily harm that may have resulted, as well as property damage.

The scope of damages and bodily harm can range from accident to accident. Our lawyers at BD&J have seen the most severe accidents with lifetime bodily harm and injury. Some injuries can be permanent and lifelong such as paraplegia, damage to the spinal cord, paralysis, traumatic brain injury and more. Other injuries can be less severe but also persistent and require intensive medical care and treatment, for which we are by your side, step by step of the way on the road to recovery and healing. Our medical case managers will guide you in obtaining the proper medical treatment, to help manage your pain, and the other consequential medical conditions as a result of your accident.

In addition to car accidents, we offer legal coverage and assistance to clients who have sustained injury in a construction accident, premises liability case such as slip and falls, aviation accidents, product defect and liability claims as well. In aviation accidents, for example, we can offer legal counsel and help for mid-air collisions, grounding incidents, and landing accidents. To learn more, contact our law offices today to speak to a lawyer.

Our Highly Experienced & Trained Litigators can Win both In and Out of the Courtroom

In some cases, depending on their complexity, the level of liability and fault, the nature of events that took place may require litigation to come to a settlement. In such instances, the BD&J lawyers are highly skilled in negotiation, argument, and presentation which are a must both in the courtroom in front of a jury and on paper in trial documents and briefs. Our clients who have sustained injury or been involved in a car accident in San Diego can benefit from our expertise, knowledge of the law, skill in using the evidence and hiring experts all to our client’s full advantage to leverage the best possible settlement on your behalf.

Litigation is no easy task and it does require a finesse. It requires a team of professionals who can handle your case from start to finish and propel a better outcome for you than what otherwise might come from a initial settlement offer from an insurance company.

Contact the law offices of BD&J to speak to your personal injury attorney and help start your legal claim today.


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