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Santa Barbara County Accident Attorneys at Your Service

Our personal injury lawyers at BD& J law firm, provide exceptional legal services to residents of Santa Barbara County who have sustained physical harm, injury, or emotional distress as a result of a third-party negligence or recklessness. We represent clients who have sustained injury through slip and falls or premises liability accidents, construction accidents, car and other automobile accidents, product defect cases and more. Individuals who reside in Santa Barbara can retain our law firm to pursue the legal claim. In addition, the accident that caused injury could have happened in Santa Barbara County.

Our team’s case managers and attorneys are equipped to guide your case from A to Z. This means we collect all the evidence and information, consult with witnesses, obtain police reports, verify insurance coverage, and help you see the right doctor or healthcare provider for your injury. When necessary and during litigation in court, we consult with the proper expert witnesses to solidify your claims against the liable third party. Often times there may be issues with causation or showing that the defendant actually breached their legal duty to the harmed plaintiff, which is why we use experts and expert testimony in the specific of niche of injury law applicable to your case.

Types of Legal Claims We Handle

In a construction accident, for example, safety precautions and measures may have been glossed over or skipped- creating a basis for a cause of action for negligence at the very least. Such a circumstance could cause a roofer to fall off the second story of a commercial building and sustain bodily injury and severe harm. He could, for example, sustain a broken bone, fracture, or break his back. It would be our job to make a successful case showing that the employer or property owner had a duty to require, inspect, manage, and utilize proper safety precautions and protocols to prevent such an incident from occurring in the first instance.

We would do so by first showing the individual harmed was 1) owed a duty by the third party, because he was rightfully on the premises performing contracted work and not trespassing. Then we would need to show and prove that the duty was broken and the failure to act by the defendant was the direct cause of harm to the plaintiff, causing physical and emotional injury or actual damages. In worse cases, where the individual harmed does not survive the accident or injury, a wrongful death claim may arise. In addition, those situations may lead to separate and new claims for damages for potential loss of consortium. This would apply if a spouse is limited in their capacity as a husband or wife, physically or emotionally, directly as a result of the original accident.

Contact our law practice today to discuss your case and see what your next steps should be if you were involved in an accident in Santa Barbara County that was not your fault. We are ready to begin.


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