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Personal Injury Lawyers a BD&J can Help with your Ventura County Accident Claim

If you are a resident of Ventura County, California and have been involved in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, action, or failure to act, our team of litigation attorneys can help pursue your legal claim to fruition and a positive outcome for you. This means we can obtain compensation for you, for your medical treatment in connection with the accident that caused your injury, for lost earnings or time missed from work, and for pain and suffering which includes an emotional component as well. If the action or inaction amounts to recklessness or a higher degree of culpability than negligence, other monetary damages may be available such as punitive damages, depending on the situation and circumstances.

Our personal injury team deals with accidents day in and day out and we are at the peak in helping individuals who were unfortunately harmed and hurt by these accidents. From minor accidents to severe and significant ones, which may include multiple vehicles, can result in a car flipping or catching on fire, motor vehicle accidents injuries and damages range on a case-by-case basis.

Types of Injuries that Result from Personal Injury Accidents

From burn injuries, to paralysis, broken bones and fractures, open wounds, traumatic brain injuries, and worse, we at BD&J have seen it all. Our independent assessment of your claim can be a huge advantage when it comes to negotiating with a third-party insurance company.

Injury Causing Accident Clams We Handle at BD&J

Some personal injury accidents we manage and pursue include car accidents, motorcycles, pedestrians, trucks, ridesharing like Lyft or Uber rides, product defect claims and dog bite attacks. If the accident or injury-producing incident occurred in Ventura County, or if you reside in a city within Ventura, your claim will then be filed within the proper jurisdiction.

Some of the accidents involve slip and falls and laws regarding premises liability, which means a duty of care was owed to the harmed or injured plaintiff and that duty was violated causing you direct and physical harm. Such circumstances can happen in a supermarket, where a liquid or oil or substance was spilled by accident but was not inspected in a timely manner or properly cleaned up. An unknowing shopper in the market, who had a right to be in the market at the time, slips and falls on the substance breaking her hip and requiring surgery and multiple visits to pain management and other healthcare providers. In such a situation, the shopper can sue the supermarket in a premises liability cause of action but would need to show it was 1) owed a duty as it was rightfully on the premises and not trespassing at the time, 2) the market’s failure to warn or guard the shopper of the dangerous condition, 3) the shopper suffered injuries, and 4) the defendant’s negligence caused your injury.

Under California law, the owner must have owned, leased, occupied or controlled the property. The defendant must be shown to have been negligent in maintaining and using the property.

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