All About Insurance Companies


Shawn McCann: Often, when someone comes to see us, they tell us a story about what has happened to them and someone else doing the wrong thing. But when we talk to the insurance companies or the corporations, they often immediately blame our client, even if they’ve done nothing wrong. Through our investigation, and our follow-up case, we can often show that our client didn’t do anything wrong, and the insurance companies and the defendants are just refusing to take responsibility for their actions.


Kevin Danesh: So initially, an insurance company will give you a call, and they’ll just act like they need to get some basic information from you. But that initial call goes from basic information to, “Well how did the accident happen? How do you feel right now? Are you going to go to the doctor?”

And while they seem like very innocuous questions, there’s no big deal, they’re recording all of that. You might say something to an insurance adjuster, like, “you know, my neck hurts, but I think I’m going to be okay.”

But then two days pass, three days pass, and the pain gets worse and worse. They don’t remember the fact that your pain got worse. They’re going to play that little snippet that says, “My neck hurts, but I’m going to be okay.” And they use it all against you.

So I strongly recommend any time you get into an accident, whether it’s your own insurance company or the other side’s, do not pick up that phone call. Don’t say a word. Let us handle it, and we’ll make sure everything’s done right.