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The Impact of Severe Burn Injuries

Burns can occur in many different situations. Some might be minor and only cause slight redness for a few days. However, other types of burns can have a long-time impact on someone. When a severe burn injury occurs, it causes physical and mental trauma from which it can be typical to recover.

Below, we will detail how some of the most severe burns can cause physical harm and the mental impact you may endure.

The Physical Impact of a Severe Burn

The most severe burns are categorized as third and fourth-degree burns. Each can have a long-term physical impact on the victim. Here are just some of the physical symptoms associated with these two types of burn injuries:

  • Third-degree burns can completely destroy a person’s skin in the affected area.
  • Underlying tissue can experience damage and harm to the hair follicles and sweat glands.
  • Damage to the skin that almost always requires a skin graft.
  • Fourth-degree burns damage deeper into the fat and muscles.
  • Nerve damage can arise, causing numbness in the affected area.

The most severe burns cause long-term scarring and pain in the affected area. It’s crucial for those who suffer burns to receive medical treatment soon after the burn to avoid infections and other problems.

How Mental Trauma Impacts Your Life

A severe burn goes beyond just the physical damages you might sustain. It can severely impact on a victim who might have to deal with the cosmetic damages they endure. For instance, the scarring can cause low confidence and self-esteem, depression, and more.

Mental anguish can often be worse than the physical injuries you sustain. It helps to have legal counsel to include your pain and suffering as part of the compensation you might recover.

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