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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

By now, we recognize that brain injuries are often considered catastrophic because of the long-term impact that these damages have on a victim’s life. However, you should know about the potential issues you might encounter if you suffer this type of injury.

Doctors may diagnose a brain injury based on how severe the damage is: mild, moderate, or severe. Below, we’ll detail some of the symptoms and long-term effects when you suffer a brain injury.

Physical Symptoms

Your brain sends messages throughout your body to ensure function. When a brain injury occurs, you might lose some of the basic human functions you once had. A brain injury can cause trouble walking, talking, and more. It can also cause balance and coordination issues.

Cognitive Impairment

Your cognitive abilities impact your focus and more. Unfortunately, a brain injury can completely diminish many of your abilities, including learning, memory, concentration, and more. The more severe the brain damage, the more likely you are to experience ongoing problems.

Ongoing Problems

In some severe situations, a traumatic brain injury can cause you to experience seizures or a potential coma. The brain injury can also cause behavioral issues, such as anger, irritability, depression, and other mental impacts.

Even mild traumatic brain injuries (such as concussions) can cause a person to experience significant trauma. The more severe the injury, the more impactful the brain injury can be on your day-to-day life and capabilities.

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s actions, know that you have rights. Our team at BD&J, PC works to safeguard you through the process of holding negligence accountable. Trust our Los Angeles brain injury attorneys to give you a voice, seek the maximum compensation you deserve, and work to improve your quality of life.