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We at BD&J Are Proud to Announce Our Newest Addition, Byron J. Abron

Our firm, BD&J is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, civil attorney Byron J Abron. We are honored to have B.J. as part of our firm, as he brings a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge to the table. We are inspired by his relentless work ethic, insatiable desire to succeed, and incredible compassionate approach with clients. A results-driven civil trial attorney, B.J. primarily focuses on general tort liability, catastrophic personal injury, premises liability, warranty of habitability, wrongful death, and vehicular accident cases.

A graduate of Southwestern Law School, B.J. was recognized for a number of accomplishments as a law student. Not only was he hand selected to join the Trial Advocacy Honors Program, but he was immediately picked to compete as a Junior Advocate in a national trial competition, where he was a finalist. He was eventually named Senior Advocate of the Year.

Respected as a legal consultant, B.J. has been featured in various magazines and appeared on a number of media networks as a special guest for legal news telecasts and radio commentary. This particular interest stemmed from his time as a legal intern in the Black Entertainment Television Networks (BET) Business and Legal Affairs department. Prior to that, he worked as a law clerk for the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office.

Passionate about community involvement, B.J.’s true interests lie in anything where he can give back to people and connect with others. As a result, he loves socializing, meeting new people, spending time with his loved ones, and participating in group sports, such as football and basketball. He also enjoys snowboarding.

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