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Legal Support After a Serious Wreck

You will feel at least disoriented after being in a motorcycle accident that leaves you injured. A severe crash might leave you in need of extensive hospitalization, emergency surgeries, rehabilitative therapies, and more. When dealing with so much already, you should not stack legal troubles on top of everything, too.

If you live in Fresno or the surrounding area, then you can count on BD&J, PC for reliable legal representation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are well-versed in all aspects of motorcycle accident claims. Using our services allows you to focus on your rest and recuperation while a trusted team progresses your case.

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Main Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Investigating the cause of your motorcycle accident will be a strong starting point for our attorneys. We need to know what happened that led to your wreck because that is how we can pinpoint liability. In California, your recoverable damages will be limited by your liability amount, so reducing your liability as much as possible is ideal.

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are drivers who:

  • Change lanes, merge, or turn without checking blind spots
  • Turn into left in front of oncoming motorcyclists
  • Open car doors in the path of motorcyclists
  • Drive while drunk or texting

Poor road conditions and motorcycle defects are also among the more common reasons for motorcycle accidents. In these cases, and those listed, the motorcyclist is not to blame for the crash, so the liability should not be placed on them.

It is worth noting that California allows lane-splitting, though. If you were hit while lane-splitting on your motorcycle, then you are not automatically liable for the accident because this riding behavior is permitted.

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Proving that you were not liable for your motorcycle accident could depend on what sort of evidence you can use in your claim or lawsuit. In turn, the evidence that you collect is usually dependent on what you do immediately after the crash because this is the time when evidence is fresh and involved parties have the clearest picture of what occurred.

Let our Fresno motorcycle accident lawyers know if you did the following after your crash:

  • Called first responders: Police officers, firefighters, and EMTs who arrived at the scene of your crash should have reports of what they saw and did. We can use those reports to look for evidence of liability.
  • Took photographs: The pictures and video recordings on your smartphone might be the best evidence we can use in your claim, so be sure to share any of those files with our team.
  • Spoke with eyewitnesses: A person with an outside perspective to an accident can sometimes notice more about what caused it. Please forward our lawyers any contact information you have gathered from eyewitnesses and passersby who stopped to help.
  • Saw a doctor: You need to see a doctor as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident of any severity. Doing so will help you understand the extent of your injuries and create a medical record that indicates when your injuries occurred and why they happened.
  • Talked with an insurer: Did you speak with your insurance company or that of the other motorists after your crash? Ideally, you will save any conversations with these parties until we are representing you.

What is Fair Compensation for Pain & Suffering?

Following a motorcycle accident, the damages owed to an injured motorcyclist can be steep. Medical bills alone can range into the hundreds of thousands if a severe injury like a brain injury or spine injury has occurred. While calculating damages related to medical care and lost wages can be done by tracking receipts and bills, determining fair compensation for pain and suffering is much more difficult.

California allows an injured plaintiff to demand noneconomic damage based on pain, suffering, hardship, and other abstract concepts of damage. There is no set amount to seek, so this amount will change from case to case. The more your life has been derailed and you have suffered because of the negligence of another party, the greater your noneconomic damage payout should be.

The multiplicative method is commonly used to calculate a fair amount of pain and suffering damage. This method takes the total dollar amount for economic damage and multiplies it. A greater multiplicative factor will be used for a client who has suffered significantly.

Ready to Start your Claim at a Moment’s Notice

Your motorcycle accident claim should start as soon as possible after being in a wreck that was not your fault. Let our law firm help you make that happen without adding to the stress you are already feeling. Contact our Fresno law office now to learn more.

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