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Personal Injury Accident Attorneys Serving Fresno County Residents

Our personal injury law firm represents injured individuals in their lawsuits and legal claims against liable third parties for negligence, recklessness and other accidents which cause harm to our clients. Such accidents include premise liability incidents, slip and falls, dog bite attacks, car accidents, trucking accidents and other negligent actions or inactions which lead to bodily injury harm.

Depending on the type of case, the number of injured persons, the type of injury and the level of negligence committed by the liable third party, our attorneys can assess and evaluate your case and what you can potentially recover in a settlement or lawsuit against the third party. The scope of damages can range from loss of consortium, payments for medical treatments, compensation for loss of work, and pain and suffering as well. Our team of experts and lawyers can evaluate the case to recover the maximum settlement possible for our clients whether through negotiations, a lawsuit or after litigation and a trial.

Personal injury attorneys for car, truck, motorcycle, ride-sharing and pedestrian accidents all must prove one essential thing to present a successful and winning injury claim forward for a plaintiff. In essence, a cause of action for negligence includes a showing of 1) duty, 2) breach of that duty, 3) causation or a direct causal connection between the defendant’s negligence and the plaintiff’s sustained harm, and 4) actual injury.

If you sustain a personal injury in an accident at the fault of another, time is of the essence. For the collection of data, witnesses, and information and preservation of evidence, you should pursue your claim in a timely manner and retain legal representation. Simultaneous medical treatment and care should be obtained to help you recover from your physical injuries. Our team of attorneys at BD&J can help you on your legal journey if you sustained an injury in an accident in Fresno, California. Contact our team today to discuss your case and legal options.