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Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Local Riders Know They Can Count On Us

Motorcycle riders often suffer catastrophic injuries in a crash that call for more-than-normal medical attention. It would seem to make sense that they will also require more-than-normal coverage from the involved insurance companies, but insurers don’t always see things that way. Because motorcycle accident claims can get expensive, insurance companies tend to fight them, even when there is no logical reason to do so.

BD&J and our Fresno motorcycle accident attorneys strongly believe that every motorcyclist in our community deserves to be treated fairly and respectfully after a wreck. When an insurer is in between you and a comfortable recovery, come to us for assistance, and know that we are able to fight for you.

Severe Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Accidents

You could require hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical assistance after being in a violent motorcycle accident. If your injuries are permanent, then the price of medical treatments and other forms of necessary care can increase even further. Are you confident that you can get all the money and coverage that you need when taking on an insurance company alone?

Choose BD&J and let our highly experienced law firm work for and represent you. We have secured more than $1.5 billion in settlements and verdicts for past clients. While we cannot guarantee the result of any case, we think our history of case results shows clearly that we know what we are doing and that insurers recognize our firm as one to take seriously.

Let us fight for compensation after you suffered any of these severe injuries and more:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Back injury
  • Spinal cord damage and paralysis
  • Road rash
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent scarring

The compensation that we hope to secure for you can help pay for all of your medical billslost wagespain and sufferinghardships through new disabilities, and much more. To make seeking justice and compensation even simpler for you, we offer contingency fee agreements to our personal injury clients. If your case does not end with you receive compensation from the opposition, then you don’t have to pay our attorney fees. This payment system creates a virtually risk-free approach to filing and pursuing a motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit.

Is Lane-Splitting Legal in California?

California is the only state that currently permits lane-splitting on a motorcycle or riding in between cars in traffic to pass them. Studies have shown that this riding behavior helps motorcyclists avoid catastrophic injuries in a crash because crush-between injuries are among the worst that motorcyclists suffer. If the other motorist is trying to pin liability on you because you were lane-splitting at the time of the crash, then we can argue contrarily because it is legal and safe.

Protecting Your Rights & Pursuing Fair Compensation

BD&J is known for making life easier for people who have been in serious accidents. If you need legal help that takes the stress off your shoulders, then speak with our Fresno motorcycle accident attorneys today. We handle each case as if we are representing ourselves because your case means as much to us as it does to you.


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