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Fresno Burn Injury Lawyers

Serious Legal Counsel After You Suffer Severe Burns

A severe burn injury can change your life for the foreseeable future, but insurance companies might argue differently. Many insurers are notorious for downplaying the severity of nonfatal burn injuries in hopes to pay as little compensation as possible to claimants. At BD&J, PC in Fresno, we think that sort of behavior is simply unacceptable. Every burn injury claimant deserves to have their story heard and their rights as an accident victim respected. We intend to fight for you to make that happen.

Four Types of Burn Injury Claims

Our Fresno burn injury attorneys can assist you with any sort of burn injury claim. No matter the details that unfolded during your accident, we can get to the bottom of things and look for the best way to build your case.

Burn injuries are often suffered due to one of four hazards:

  • Open flames: Exposure to an open flame is the most common cause of severe burn injuries. Violent car accidents, for example, can cause this type of burn.
  • Hot surfaces: Defective products like electronics and appliances can overheat and cause severe burns to unknowing consumers who touch the product.
  • Electrocution: Electrical shocks from defective products and faulty wiring are other sources of burns that require immediate medical attention.
  • Caustic substances: Some terrible burns are caused by exposure to dangerous, caustic chemicals, including liquids and gases that might be used in an industrial or commercial setting.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

We will want to coordinate with your medical provider to get a clearer understanding of your burn injury, what caused it, and its severity. In medical contexts, survivable burn injuries are sorted into three degrees, with a third-degree burn representing the worst and most dangerous kind. If you have been diagnosed with a third-degree burn, then we can use that information to better argue that your burn injury has caused extensive pain, suffering, and disability that have all wracked your finances.

Increasing the Value of Your Burn Injury Case

From the start to the finish, our goal is to make your case as valuable as possible and secure every penny of compensation. We can work with medical and financial experts to uncover the true extent of your damages, both what you have already experienced and what you will likely experience in the future.

Compensation in your burn injury claim could include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced life expectancy

Starting Your Burn Injury Case Should Be Easy

To give you confidence in your claim from the beginning, we like to offer free initial consultations and contingency fee agreements. You do not need to pay anything or sign anything to first talk with our Fresno burn injury attorneys about your case. If you do decide to work with us, and we think your claim is the right fit for our law firm, then our contingency fee agreements mean you won’t owe us any attorney fees unless we end your case with a positive settlement or verdict for you. This system allows you to pursue a claim at virtually no risk to you.

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